Freddy & Ellie


Mystery Books

Now you can read along as world famous detectives Freddy and Ellie travel the world and follow the clues that will help them solve some of the world’s biggest mysteries!

  • Ideal for fans of Seek & Find with Freddy and Ellie®
  • Interactive activities keep young readers engaged
  • Includes fun stickers you can use to create your own mystery scene or access printable scenes (coming soon!) which you can color and complete
  • Use the Track Tracer to view hidden “red reveal” clues
  • Four titles will be available in this series
The Case of the Missing Mona Lisa
The Secret of the Roman Colosseum

The Case of the Missing Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa has disappeared! In The Case of the Missing Mona Lisa, expert detectives Freddy and Ellie® board an airplane to Paris and find themselves in the middle of a mystery that needs to be solved. The famous Mona Lisa painting has been stolen from the Louvre Museum! Who could have done such a sneaky thing? Hidden “red reveal” clues, viewable with the included Track Tracer, allow kids to follow the clues and solve the mystery just like world-famous detectives Freddy and Ellie.

The Secret of the Roman Colosseum

Take a trip to the Roman Colosseum with world-famous detectives Freddy and Ellie® in The Secret of the Roman Colosseum. Built by the Romans almost 2,000 years ago, this stadium once featured battles by gladiators and ferocious animals. Today it is in decay, but it still holds mysteries. In its many secret passages, Freddy and Ellie are in hot pursuit of a thief who has stolen the Triton, a valuable statue. They need your help.Use the red-reveal Track Tracer (enclosed in the book), to follow clues and help Freddy and Ellie catch the criminal.