Freddy & Ellie

Seek & Find Discovery Books

The Discovery Series will inspire a child’s curiosity and imagination, and includes page-turning seek and find scenes, photos and varying levels of educational content. More than 40 stickers allow kids to create seek-and-find scenes of their own.

  • Targeted for children ages 5-10.
  • Engaging, colorful seek and find scenes balanced with educational content to supplement school curriculum
  • Great stickers for use on these printables or on your own crafts
  • Fun for one or with friends
  • Perfect activity at home, in cars and at restaurants
  • Makes a special gift for friends or family
Discovery: Dinosaurs

Discovery: Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs, Fossils and More! Discovery: Dinosaurs offers a prehistoric adventure alongside herbivores, carnivores, and flying and marine reptiles with Freddy, Ellie and Professor Sofia!

Using the intricate and delightful illustrations of Eleonora Barsotti, kids are challenged to seek and find clues and objects hidden throughout this wonderful book. The educational content teaches about the important work of paleontologists and fascinating facts about prehistoric life and dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.