Freddy & Ellie


Freddy and Ellie Printables

Discover printable activities that kids of all ages can enjoy doing together. Help guide Freddy through a maze, make some puppets or color a picture of Ellie!

Activity Sheets

Where is Ellie?

Many koalas looked like Ellie in the big crowd of the circus. Find Ellie, she’s the one that is different than the others.

Secret Code

Use the code to discover what Freddy and Ellie enjoyed on their trip to Italy.

Beach Maze

Help Freddy find his favorite swim mask and snorkel that he lost at the beach.

Balloon Crossing

Complete the crossword puzzle, by naming the souvenirs Freddy and Ellie brought back from their around-the-world balloon trip.

Day at the Park

Find 10 differences between the two scenes.

Freddy's Adventure

Write the first letter for each object to spell out Freddy’s favorite vacation activity.

Late for School

Freddy stopped to watch a butterfly, and now he’s late. Use the compass and the directions to help him catch his bus.

Museum Search

Circle each word from the list of things Freddy and Ellie saw—going across and diagonally (forward and backward) and up and down.

Word Scramble

Unscramble the words below. Find out what Freddy and Ellie saw at the fair!

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