Freddy & Ellie


Freddy and Ellie Printables

Discover printable activities that kids of all ages can enjoy doing together. Help guide Freddy through a maze, make some puppets or color a picture of Ellie!

Crafts and Games

Backyard Mix-Up

Cut out and assemble these puzzle pieces to see Freddy and his friends having fun.

Cut-Out Friends

Use a glue stick to glue this printout page onto construction paper (if you’d like) before cutting out the stand-up characters.

Around the World Memory

Print and then cut out the cards. Place them face down as shown. A player turns up two cards. If they match, the player keeps them and turns up two more until they don’t match. In the end, the player with the most cards wins.

Tiger Time!

Color and then cut out Freddy’s ears and headband strips. Then tape the strips end-to-end to fit your child’s head. Then tape the ears to the inside of the headband. Now, it’s time for a Freddy adventure!

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